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We are now offering Epoxy Counters and coverings!

We are always looking for new innovative options for our clients.  Epoxy counters are the new trend.  We've hired two new local artists to help us bring you another option for revitalizing your existing counter tops, accent walls, shower walls, fireplace covering etc.  We are so excited about our new service.  This will allow our clients to add a unique one of a kind feature in their home without breaking the bank on a high end material.  The colors and design options are endless and no two look alike.  We can transform your existing Formica, Laminate, Metal, wood, solid surface or concrete coverings into a beautiful statement piece.  In some cases existing surfaces will need to be demoed and the epoxy will be applied to a new covering and installed.

About our Epoxy Technique and Products

Our Epoxy counter/ covering products are all food grade  safe, heat resistant, UV resistant and scratch resistant making this application amazing.

Our team will work with you to create a unique design, the epoxy coverings have an incredible 3D look and can be made to look like natural stone.  Our epoxy coverings are available for both residential and commercial applications.

Epoxy Color Materials 

Epoxy Glitter Additives