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USB Wall Outlet Installation

What's included with USB wall outlet installation service?

Removal of existing power outlet to prep for new USB wall outlet

USB wall outlet installation of up to 3 customer-supplied USB wall outlets

New outlet(s) can be USB, or combo USB + power

Cleaning up packaging material and debris

Why should I hire a pro to install my USB wall outlets?

USB wall outlet installation done incorrectly can damage your home’s electrical system and the new USB wall outlet. A proper USB wall outlet installation requires working with your home's electrical system, which can be extremely dangerous without the proper training. A professional USB wall outlet installer can make sure the wiring is done correctly, swiftly, and safely. Leave it to the professional to deal with the USB wall outlet installation will saves you time and frees you up so you can enjoy the USB wall outlet instead.

What do I need before my USB wall outlet installation appointment?

Please supply the USB wall outlet(s) or combo USB and electrical power outlet(s) of your choice. If additional parts or labor are required to complete your installation, the pro will discuss this with you at the time of your appointment.

What else should I know about USB wall outlet installation?

USB outlet receptacles are typically about 2x the depth of regular outlets. If you have older walls, they may be thinner than modern construction, and unable to accommodate the twice-as-deep USB outlet receptacle. Also, keep in mind that the more electronics you charge on the outlet, depending on its capacity, the more slowly your electronics will charge. For example, most of these outlets have a total charging capacity of 5 amps or less, and that's probably too low to charge two tablets at the same time.

What if I need more than 3 USB wall outlets installed?

You’re welcome to purchase USB wall outlet installation and discuss your particular needs directly with your pro, who can then provide you a custom price estimate for the current order. 

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